16 Days, a Bible, and a Rosary

DoorwayView, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

I was talking with somebody the other day about my upcoming portfolio review. “I don’t have my stuff done yet,” I said, “but, you know, worst case scenario, I’ll just print…” and I described what it is I could do if I were stuck. Then, I said, “I know I was trying to get it all done before October 1st, so I didn’t have to stress, but there’s still half a month left. And that’s a lot of time, don’t you think? I mean, it’s even more than half a month, it’s like 16 days or something. I could do a lot in 16 days and, I mean, how much trouble could I possibly get into in 16 days?”

“Ummm…” was the response.

And that’s a good response, actually. In 16 days, I could defect to Cuba, get pregnant, win the lotto, get arrested for breaking and entering, solve the next big case on CSI, get buried under Chinese Muzzies, and maybe even learn to play Layla on my guitar. 16 days can do a lot of damage and 16 days can bring 16 days worth of trouble. Like the song says, “…15 of those are nights.”

In 16 days, I have a portfolio review scheduled. I need a professionally prepared cohesive body of work, consisting of 10-15 images, an artists’ statement, a bio or brief “about Carol” for my work, and, I’d really like to have a “mini-book” (Apple iPhoto book) of my work to flip through. I have to have it all nicely wrapped and presented in a professional case, grab a bottle of wine or like cook something, and go to the review.

16 days is a lot of time and that’s a lot of trouble I can get into but, for now, I have 16 days.

Do you think I’ll make it?

Until it’s 15 days…


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