It’s Only Natural

WhiteGator, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Today’s image is uploaded in honor of the great Crocodile Hunter himself, Mr. Steve Irwin. It was taken in New Orleans at the aquarium of the Americas, before hurricane Katrina. It features a rare white gator, not actually albino but white, with blue eyes.

I was very sad to learn about the passing of the Crocodile Hunter. He was a happy fellow who loved nature, family, and the outdoors. A man who entertained many and did his part to protect all creatures, great and small, he championed the environment and brought many smiles to many faces. He will be missed.

I remember the scandal over the Crocodile Hunter just after he had his son-he put the tyke into a pit with a live crocodile and a lot of people were upset, calling him the, “next Michael Jackson.” I always thought that was, excuse the pun, such a crock, because, if you look carefully at the video, you can see that the kid was never in harm’s way. He always stood between the crocodile and the kid and he never dangled the kid in the “jaws of death,” as some of the reporters gloriously described it. That video was very revealing though, because you could see how much he cared for both the kid and the crocs. (Michael Jackson just sorta threw his son off a balcony, which was, well, just plain stupid.)

I’ll miss the Crocodile Hunter. He was always happy and showed us a great deal about the animal kingdom. He will be missed.

In other news, I saw Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip tonight. I actually rather liked it, despite the fact that it has Matthew Perry in it and, as far as actors go, he’s about as animated as a cardboard cut-out. Even with Matthew Perry, it was an interesting show if not narcissistically Hollywood. I do now wish that Matthew Perry would escape, run off, and team up with Owen Wilson. It would be like two cardboard cutouts mating. (You do remember Owen Wilson, right? He’s the guy who ruined an otherwise perfectly good Jackie Chan movie. I mean, come on? Jackie Chan? You’d have to work to be stiff co-starring with that guy. All you have to do to be entertaining with Jackie Chan is stand next to him and like duck every once in a while, so you don’t get killed.) Matthew Perry and Owen Wilson, together again, like two cardboard peas in a cardboard cutout of a pod.

Oh, God, please. Save me from that. I’d rather be fed to the gators or like, be forced to “play” with Michael Jackson.

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