Red Dress on the Other Side of the Tracks

RedDressForm, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

I don’t know if you can really make them out, or recognize them from this picture but, those railings to the front right are actually railroad tracks. This is a picture of a fancy red dress, in a store window, with the reflection of a small Texas railroad town in it’s face. The house, the stoplight, and the trees are all, quite literally, on the “other side of the tracks” from the pretty red dress.

The dress itself is a ball gown-done up in sequins and velvet. The house was home to a large family-a very large family, with a scrawny barking dog. So now you know what it looks like on both sides of the tracks.

I don’t know which side is “poverty” though. Really, I don’t. I mean, on the one hand, the people go to work, school, play, and all that, all the time having a great view of some fancy ball gown. The dress gets to sit there, all done up, watching the train go by, waiting for some “fancy” family to come buy it and save it from this life.

Which sounds like “poverty” to you?

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