Six Hundred Down, How Many More to Go?

BlowingLarkspurNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This is my 600th journal entry, according to

Wow. What can I say? I yap a lot, don’t I? (I sure do “talk” a lot for somebody who really can’t “speak.” I mean, it’s not like I have audio on this site or anything. Crap, I don’t even have a sound card in my cruddy little home PC.)

I’ve come a long way since declaring myself a “blogger girl” in January of 2002. (Back then, hardly anybody was blogging. And, you guessed it, we didn’t have photoblogs either.)

Look at me now. Uploading. Flickering. Blogging. Photoblogging. Talking about art like I’m some kind of expert. Emailing famous authors and getting into exhibitions juried by famous artists. I feel so blessed and lucky.

And, I could not have done it without you all (or y’all for those Texans out there.) You, yes you, the folks who drop by every day, point your fingers at your computer monitors, and giggle. So, in case I don’t say it enough, thanks for stopping by when you can, leaving comments, and just reading along for the ride.

When I started this madness, I wanted to improve my writing skills and I thought it would be fun to use a new “toy” to make a website. Six hundred entries later, I can’t say if I’m any better a writer for it but, I can say it’s been fun. (I hope you’ve enjoyed your giggles.)

Just think, if the first six hundred entries were this fun, imagine what the future holds.

Until next six hundred…


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