Possession, It’s not just for TiVo’s Anymore

DiasySpinningAndKicking, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

In the “help! My podling is taking lessons from my TiVo” department, it would appear that my cutest uber-cool electronic device to go berserk is, in fact, my podling.

For the past few days, I’ve been plopping myself down at my desk, opening up email, sorting papers, thinking about prints I should be making, wondering how far I have to crawl to get a fresh cup of coffee, when my world starts to rise thanks in part to my little “pocket” podling. I snap to, I wake up, I, ok, I still ignore emails but, the point is, my ipod helps keep my keel even. And, every day, for the past few weeks, I’ve been hitting the “shuffle” button, rather than the typical playlists because, well, just because (do I really need a reason? Hey, I can randomize with the best of ’em, right?)

The past few days, that shuffle has really shocked me. The other day it was some wild soundtrack music I’d long since forgotten. After that, it was some fresh Nine Inch Nails (ok, no surprise there) but today, wow, watch out. Today brought me the shock of shocks. I swear, I started to think somebody stole poor podling and implanted it with this mornings tunage, just to get my goat. (I was really thinking “bad/late April fool’s day joke here” folks.)

Today’s morning wake up? Thanks in part to Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra. Whew! Disco, I hardly knew ya! One minute, I’m sitting, going over emails, reports, and the like, and the next, I’ve got visions of mirror balls spinning in my head.

I went into the lab, to get something, and told one of my co-workers, “Wow. I’m pretty shocked. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear somebody stole my podling and implanted it with somebody else’s juju juice. Phew!” Ian responded, “I smell a blog coming on.” (He was right, of course. Wish he could predict wild disco coming on like that. “Run! It’s a white jumpsuit, chest hair, and gold chains!”)

I’m just all warm, fuzzy, and especially happy knowing that Nicolas Cage doesn’t peddle MP3’s because, well, if he were buried somehow, in the bowels of itunes, I’m guessing my podling would fish him out and stick him on infinite repeat, taking lessons from that damned, possessed TiVo and all. I just hope podling doesn’t start blasting murder mystery music at like 3 am because, well, I’m not quite sure even what that would sound like, let alone feel up for a listen.

Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra? How’d that even get onto my ipod? I can’t even push this one off to Steve since, well, the whole damned world knows about my ipod engraving and all (who else would have the world “piddle” inscribed on the butt of their podling? Not you, would you? Nope, didn’t think so. Rats!)

I guess I just can’t get enough of your love, baby.

Until next spinning mirror ball in the sky…


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