More Power To Ya

ColorUtilityNo5, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This is a utility box. Boring, dull, uninteresting. It’s the place where all that stored up energy comes into your home, office, building, yurt, or what have you. It’s the place where all the wires meet. Think of it as a singles bar for electrons.

Most of us having boring utility boxes. Some of us have poles. Some of us live like lemmings and drive to work in shiny metal boxes everyday thinking that we’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. And, I suppose, some of us paint our utility boxes. So they won’t be so boring. So they won’t be so dull. So those electrons feel mighty special when then come on in, out of the cold, to meet up with those protons and other nuclear friends.

When (if?) I ever grow up, I want to live in a place like this. A place where my electrons feel free-totally free-so free they can let their microscopic electronic freak flags fly like the wind. Go electrons go. Go give us power.

But, where in the rules does it say we have to be dull about it?

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