All Worked Up

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One of the popular misconceptions about photography is that photographers are lazy slackers at heart. (This must be “break the myth” week at blogger or something.) People tend to think photography degenerates into clicking a few buttons, maybe “pufting” a model’s hair a bit, or adjusting a fan in front of a half-naked lady just long enough so we can generate a few “snaps.”

Today, I had to meet with a client, go downtown to run an errand, try to ready some prints needed for a layout next week, make a 1 pm film drop (yes, I said “film.” I have been, ahem, “reduced” to using film because I need slides ASAP so this necessitates me actually touching some real live “film” for a change-not to mention the fact that I need it now, so I’ve been reduced to groveling at some underpaid over-glorified technician at my “local” photo lab, begging for them to remember to run it E-6 and not screw it up, as usual so I don’t end up with green people or, um, in this case, really, really *late* green people.) I’m almost completely out of Compact Flash (again!) because I haven’t had any time to really sift through the (personal) crap I’ve been shooting and I’m supposed to curate a body of work before next week as well, not to mention the fact that I’ve got an exhibition print I need to ready and, like, um, that laundry pile in the bedroom isn’t getting any smaller, ok?

All this while managing to eat not much more than half of a burnt English muffin on the run and wondering how I’m going to possibly get everything done in time, before some great impending deadline eats what’s left of my brain.

At the risk of reinforcing the slacker stereotype, I did manage to sneak away for a few minutes today and duck off to JJill, my favorite clothing store, where I tried on and purchased a new pair of pants and a lovely silk shirt (requires dry cleaning, but, damn, it’s soft!) I love JJill. If I ever die and make it to heaven, and somebody up there makes a mistake and actually lets me past those blessed pearly gates, I’m fairly certain that all the best shopping places in the joint will totally have JJill stores in them. (All that and comfortable shoes. Lots and lots of comfortable shoes.)

[If you ever wonder what sort of clothing I wear, well, wonder no more. Just click on the JJill link and you can figure it out from there.]

If that weren’t reward enough, I got to listen to Bruce Cockburn’s Pacing the Cage in the car on the way home.

Ah, JJill and Bruce’s Pacing the Cage in the same day. It was an island of serenity in an otherwise deep sea of one hectic day.

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