Thoughts? Birds?

Homage: The Crow, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Ok, so I admit it. I’m on some kind of wild animal kick this week. First it was the doggie (who I miss dearly,) then the horses, now I’m for the birds. (Well, maybe I always was for the birds, just now I’ve started taking pictures of them.)

This is part of my cinematic leanings for the week as well-this image was completed in tribute to the movie The Crow which, as many of you know, was Brandon Lee’s last movie.

I think that this crow is sort of a cross between Uta Barth and Alfred Hitchcock. Not sure if it’s really all that dramatic, but it kind of fits in with the feeling of the movie. (Is it dramatic enough for the project, do you think?)

Since I’m asking for some feedback, I’ve recently started a Johari Window for myself. If you know me (personally), you can go here to contribute (it only takes a few clicks of your mouse) and, after you’ve submitted your feedback, you can click here to watch it change (or see what others think of me too.)

[Of course, if you don’t know me, you can just click on random odd words and throw a mouse-based monkey wrench into the mix, just for fun, right?]

Should be kind of a fun social experiment, don’t you think?

That is, if I can get you, my, ahem, “loyal” readers, to get up off your duffs and actually click on something. (Well, ok, you don’t have to get up. You just have to visit the URL and click a few words.)

Until next time…


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