Don’t Chew-Push the Little Button on Top

BrownHorseNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Today, I finally ordered the Venice book, thanks for your suggestions, and also picked up a discounted copy of Michael Kenna’s Japan, as well as a new hard drive. (Amazon was good to me.)

This horse is friendly-very friendly. So friendly, in fact, he kept trying to sniff (or eat!) my camera.

I could just see it now, me posting tomorrow’s blog about how “some horse ate my camera and so I can’t put a new picture up today.” Ha! A likely excuse, right? (I’m sure that you, my all so esteemed readers, would not fall for such a lame excuse.) But it’s true. It almost happened. I think he was hungry, thought that I was going to feed him, and didn’t want to give up when the only thing in the general vicinity was my camera. It started to look appetizing (gulp!) Hey, maybe he’s really a budding photographer in disguise?

I never knew that horses were so friendly. PETA be damned, I thought that they all just kind of “stood there” out across the great plains and all. Now I know better. There really is such a thing as an extra friendly horse and, in the “now you know” department, this is what one looks like, should you ever wonder about it.

Next time, I bring an apple. And hope his teeth aren’t too sharp. (If he swallows all of my Compact Flash, would that then give me a valid excuse to buy some more? Hmmmm.)

Until next chomp…


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