Crazy Podlings in Love

IpodNo2, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

You may have noticed that I finally broke down and purchased James McMurtry’s Childish Things (despite your suggestions to the contrary.)

Funny thing about James, I predict that his father, Larry, will be quite the talk of the town/busy beaver come Oscar time, what with his latest “cowboys in love” flick, Brokeback Mountain, probably running off with the loot of little gold men. (Silly me, all this time I thought that, if men wanted to find golden statuesque men, they frequented discos, not their typewriters.)

Speaking of love, since this is Valentine’s week, I thought that I would share a few ipod engravings for the cause. If you’re thinking about getting an ipod, delivered from China, in the next 48 hours, here are some suggestions for engravings:

  • Plays “Love Stinks” at full volume
  • Cuter than a puppy/Better than a dozen roses
  • Inside…a playlist just for you
  • All this and I’m only a torso
  • Shake this money maker/Jiggle this wiggle stick
  • I’m not cheap/this IS the latest model
  • What? You want it engraved too?
  • I’ll get the ipod/You buy the music
  • Love is in the air/Keep this in your lap
  • It’s like a sleek musical teddy bear with earbuds
  • If you’re reading this, Can you try on that lingerie now?
  • You said “size didn’t matter”

If you wanted to be especially mean, you could add onto that last one “…so I got you the 30G.” (Ouch!)

Until next lustful podling…


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