Monthly Challenge: Textures

TextureVert, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Here’s my entry for the Venice School of Photography’s monthly challenge: Textures.

This isn’t my most favorite of favorite shots, but, when I took it, I had texture in mind. I wanted to get in at least one kind of “snap-shoty” picture of those tiles used for the roof because I think that they are pretty and really scream out Italy to me (even if that’s not what I would usually shoot.)

I like this one better than the horizontal version because I think that it accentuates the lines more.

For technical details, this was shot with my cheap-o “comes with the camera for free” 18-55 mm set at 55mm. I shoot in RAW and use Photoshop CS2 for RAW processing and I appear to have eliminated (clone stamped) out an annoying window at the top of this image which I did not yet Gaussian blur or smooth (will do that before an exhibition print, if one is ever made.)

I love buildings with wires and “junk” on the outside of them and I love how everything’s just so crooked, dented, and “crumbly.”

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