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Sometime yesterday, Kathy and I found out that we are to be included on the latest Utata project: NOCTURNAL. We don’t know which images they have selected, but we’ve been busy getting our sets, bios, testimonials, and all the “background” information ready-you know, the kind of stuff you have to put on a website that’s not really pictures (the pictures, it would appear, we have a handle on-well, so long as we don’t get harassed by the police or hit some other kind of a shooting slump.) Anyway, for the curious, I thought that I would post a link here to my Utata member page.

All this Utata-ta-tat-ing has lead me to think about my own website a little bit. A lot of websites are now going with the “tribal” or “community” theme and this has got me to thinking that, despite the fact I’ve maintained this site solo all along, it might be kind of cool to have a guest “speaker” as it were. Please let me know (leave comments/email) if you think that this would be a good idea and I’ll resort to the appropriate arm-twisting to make it happen (if I even decide to do it, that is.)

In other news, Luminous Landscape has released a list of “10 Movies Every Photographer Should See.” I’ve posted a link here for the curious (I love Luminous Landscape, although, this time around, not too sure if I even agree with their choices. Honestly, they are landscape focused so, it follows that this list would be too, and I don’t actually really do that type of photography, so I’m not really the best to pass judgment, I’ll just post the link and let you follow.)

And, in more movie news, a certain previous “unbooped” actor, who shall now remain nameless (hey, if you call him, he might come, and he’s already attacked my TiVo. Sorry but get your own link to some lame-ass 14 year old random imdb photo, my fingers are tired.) has a movie playing in Austin’s own spectacular Paramount Theater. The theater’s worth seeing, can’t say for certain (one way or another) about the movie (if you really have some strong opinions about “Raising Arizona” please leave some droppings in the comment section of my website and I’ll try to “unboop” it and stop Utata-ing long enough, to actually maybe like watch.)

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll have some content all my own and leave the links to the breakfast sausages (hey, it could happen, right?)

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