Photo Friday Entry: Weight

WeightOfWorld, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

I had a hard time trying to find a shot that fit this week’s theme: weight. I kept thinking about putting up a close up shot of some great tasting gelato that I ate but that just seemed too cheesy (excuse the pun.)

Then, I was thinking about putting up a close up shot of a gondola’s ferro which, for those who aren’t familiar with gondolas, serves as the counterbalance to the weight of the gondolier (it’s the shiny, black, metal thing on the front of the gondola that’s, in fact, a weight disguised as an ornamentation, placed to help hold the front of the boat down and keep it from lifting out of the water.)

I ended up selecting this little fellow because, well, I like him, he’s cute and all, and he’s really got more than his fair share of weight on his shoulders, don’t you think?

This was taken in Venice, Italy, near the Staircase of Giants in the Doge’s Palace. It marks the entrance to the golden staircase which leads up to the former residence of the Venetian Doge. It’s a wonderful place that I recommend all who go to Venice check out.

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