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I guess it’s no secret that I’ve been blogging for a while now. You can probably tell, if you happen to scan over the archives section, that this weblog dates back to 2002 or so. That’s over 500 posts, for those in the know (blogger tells me I’m up to about 514 or so.)

It occurred to me the other day that, since a lot of folks have been dropping in unexpectedly to this weblog, which now serves as a photo repository, I don’t personally know each and every one of you. Some of you, in fact, don’t know all the goings on in my sordid past-you just merely click through to look at the pictures. That’s fine, I suppose, but I really didn’t want to leave anybody out, render anybody too clueless, leaving here wondering, scratching heads, furrowing brows, touching face and all. (Not to mention the fact that, about every year or so, I like to take stock of what I’ve been yapping about.)

And so, this brings me to my now, I guess, semi-regular “introduction” to Carol’s Little World. (I hope you enjoy it.)

My world is full of interesting events and milestones. I once attended Craig’s bowling sendoff, which you can read about here.

There’s the first photograph I ever posted to this website here. (I still think it’s pretty, even after all this time.)

The mother of all prank phone calls is described here, (whereby a group of DJ’s from Miami crank called none other than Fidel Castro himself. The title of this one comes from the “classic” prank call, “Is your refrigerator running? Yes? Good, well go catch it.”)

I witnessed possibly the last (first? only?) known foot pursuit by the Cedar Park Police (keystone cops, anyone?) and documented it here.

There was also the great ipod engraving contest (check out the finalists here. I ended up going with “Pod, Pod Piddle, Click Me in the Middle” because it made me smile. Still does, actually, still does.)

In case you are wondering when the last snowfall was in Cedar Park, where I live, yon can read about that here.

Carol’s Little World has an odd cast of characters. There’s me, of course (I won’t give you a link, it would just link to the whole damned site and you’re already there.)

I once introduced Paul and Marty’s arm wrestling here.

There’s Steve of the cursed TiVo fame. (You can read about the start of the TiVo hexs and the beginnings of the strange TiVo goings on at that link, as well as this one.)

You can also read about Steve’s jury duty here. (I’ll save you the click, he didn’t have to serve.)

And don’t forget the Evil Baked Goods People. (They started out just “Baking” and turned “Evil” when they keep baking, each time adding more and more chocolate.)

Ted, Ken, and horny caribou in Alaska are described here.

Ted’s chihuahua and large screen TV once met a horrible, horrible fate, explained for you here.

This weblog has been home to some entries that are just funny, possibly ranting/raving mad, but uniquely “me,” like my “dream car” which is detailed here.

The contents of my purse described in (somewhat) detail here.

And, my finally (and I do mean “finally”) seeing (“for the first time” :~) a Nicholas Cage movie. (warning: don’t click on that link if you’re overly superstitious or afraid of frogs.)

Then we have my rant to Arab insurgents prone to kidnapping American’s they deem worthy of ransom here.

And, of course, my 200th blog entry. (you might need the help of a mirror since it was, in fact, backwards.)

London, it appears, has played setting to more than it’s fair share of web log entries. You can read about the story of the funny London “tubes” here. (I’m still afraid of toothpaste when I travel, really I am, although, in Venice, it appeared to be Chap Stick and not toothpaste that was giving me grief.)

And the Ikea “Killer Nesting Instinct” incident here (which, as it happens, is also probably one of my favorites from the entire site. Sorry but I’m easily amused and can’t help but laugh at the notion of low flying Swedish meatballs along London’s upper-crusty High Street.)

If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be my rant about the good folks at Art Calendar magazine and what it’s like living life as an exhibiting artist, which you can read about here. (If you must know, I hold nothing against Art Calendar and actually got a headache after writing that, despite the fact that I still find it more than a bit amusing, if not brutally honest, almost a full year after having first penned it.)

I think those would be the best of the best, if I had to pick ’em, even though I strive to make each and every day “memorable” in it’s own little way.

Until next time…


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