Blogging In Italian is Weird

Blogging in Italian is weird. Yes, it’s true, I have no pictures for you, but I thought that I would make a quick post and let you know how I am doing.

It’s about 6:30 pm here and I just got back from a day of shooting. I got attacked by a pidgeon in the Piazza San Marco and there’s this odd giant statue of a face in front of my hotel. It was cold today and I did not dress warmly enough, but we managed to find cheap (and really good) coffee in the Piazza for only 2 and a half Euro (it’s usually 12 euro in the Piazza.) Damn, when it comes to beverages, I’m good.

Also had hot cocoa which here is more like pudding (that is not a type-o) Been eating a lot of pasta and, so far, have shot about 4-5G of Compact Flash. Not as much as NOLA but still quite a bit.

I’ve been shooting Madonnas in a box whenever I see them as well as some cool buildings and today gondolas. They were fun for only one day.

The hotel bar serves Irish coffee with Jameson so I feel right at home, although 5000 miles away.

Until next Ciao!


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  1. Anonymous
    November 23, 2005 / 7:54 pm

    Hey Carol. Hope you’re having fun in Italy!

    So… have you figured out this whole soccer thing there yet?

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