Bellini Would Be Proud

Today I went to Harry’s Bar and had a Bellini Cocktail. I also went up to the top of the clock tower in the piazza. When I came out of Harry’s, it was snowing! How fun. I waddled back to Hotel stopping to take pictures of Gondolas in the snow. I’m so excited, the City really looks magical in the snow.

I went to La Bottega dei Mascareri today and met one of the owners (it’s owned by 2 brothers.) He was a wonderful chap who showed me some of his new masks, gave me a catalog from a recent exhibition he was in (he’s also a painter) and noticed that I had particularly good taste in masks. After I picked out the one I wanted, he told me that the exact same masks I liked had been used in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.” I’m going to give up on Nick Cage (TiVo won’t let me!) and instead try to rent this movie when I get back to the ‘States (sorry, Nick, but TiVo just won’t let me. Honest.) If the movie is as good as the masks, it should be impressive. I can only imagine what the Carnivale must be like in the snow.

Well, I’ll keep this short since there are no pictures (yet!) I’ll be back in Austin soon enough to be able to post some shots (hopefully! The vaporetto people are going on strike tomorrow. I hope that I can get out of town before the public transport shuts down.)

Until next Gondola…


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