State of Misery

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So, the folks in New Orleans are still 20 feet under water. All that and they’ve started moving them to Houston. Not that there’s anything wrong with Houston, mind you, just that it’s going to be a little bit nuts with all the extra displaced folks. Welcome to Texas, y’all. Hopefully, the Houston Astrodome will be more comfortable than the place you were holdup before.

Speaking of misery, a few things happened at work today. For one thing, I started a running program. Notice I didn’t say “I ran today” rather, I said “I started a running program.” Yes, it’s true, I’m so pathetically out of shape, I had to WALK almost the ENTIRE FIRST RUN of the program. I ran part of the way out of the parking lot and bonked out. I tried to do the drills as best I could, and I did manage to walk all the way around the course they had laid out but still, we’re talking PATHETIC here.

I was feeling ok until I got back into work and went to a meeting. Then, I sat down. Normally, this is not a physical activity but, well, today it is. Now I’m really stiff. And all I did was walk 2 miles. Ppppft.

To add to my newfound state of misery, yesterday the hard drive on my laptop blew up. I’m now having to copy, ever so sloooowly, files from a mini drive over to another computer which, I’m not making this up, was making a strange grinding noise earlier in the day. I’m not doing too well with hard drives these days. (In fact, if you were a hard drive, I’m scream at you, “get out of my office. Now. Before I break you too.”)

If that weren’t enough, I’m having a really hard time adjusting to not having the laptop monitor. Usually, I have the laptop and the desktop next to each other, and I roll the monitor over, so it’s like having two monitors. Today, I’ve been reduced to a mere 20 inches or so of real estate in the video department. I can’t get use to it and I can’t move windows out of the way. It’s been driving me bonkers (not that I’m that far off to begin with, mind you.)

At least my view is better than the poor folks stuck in the Superdome, though, right?

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