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I still don’t have any butter (margarine) actually. That’s ok, because I had an interesting weekend and that more than makes up for my complete lack of butter.

I went to PHOTOTexas this weekend. It was fun. I got to meet a bunch of folks from various parts of Texas, some commercial photographers, some fine art folks, some older, some younger. All in all, it was a fun weekend.

I attended two workshops, one on marketing and one on making your own photo book. The marketing one was ok, I had a lot of “common sense” type of information in it, and I got to see a lot of samples of marketing packets that other photographers had sent out. The making your own book one was really great, I got an introduction to a lot of stuff that I would have otherwise never found. I love these kinds of workshops, since they pull together a lot of information from various places, most of which I’d never be able to gather on my own, and present it to me in one fell swoop. It was informative and the guy leading it was a good teacher, so I picked up more than my share of tips and techniques.

I was talking with somebody in the hallway and he said that he spent his weekend helping folks enter data into a FEMA database in an attempt at finding shelter after the big hurricane. Interesting thing about this hurricane, in these parts anyway, everybody seems to either be impacted by it or know of somebody who is. I know of at least 5-6 people impacted by the storm at this point, some folks who are actually waiting to hear from their loved ones and others who are providing shelter, food, clothing, help, or something else. I hate to say it but it’s almost interesting how such a big, horrible storm could pull us all together like this. Before this year, I had never even been to Louisana and now I feel so connected to it.

And, it goes without saying, if that thing had taken a left in the gulf, I might not be sitting here typing this. Texas is, afterall, a neighbor to LA and nobody, even with all the high tech “doppler radar” up the wazoo, is really good at predicting the weather in the Gulf.

Tonight, I’m so going to go shopping and get milk, and bread and eggs and….(I think there’s something else I really need…)

Until next pat…


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