London Roof Top With Flowers

LondonRoofTopWithFlowers, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Now, I know I may be repeating myself today, it terms of showing an image I’ve already displayed, but today is special.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those currently trapped in the dark smokey London Underground tunnels, all those innocent people killed or hurt during their morning rush hour commute, and all those panicing in the streets wondering what is happening to sleepy old London town.

Please know that this New York born weblog author did not forget the events of September 11th. I remember Madrid. I’ve visited London. I’ve seen your brightly color subway (no “tube”) carriages. I’ve “minded the gap” along with some of those “strap-hanging” commuters involved in today’s attack. I’ve been along the Picadelly line, and experienced the “clankty clank” of the underground carriages taking me around the city. I’ve enjoyed the view from atop a double decker bus.

There is a light at the end of those dark, smokey tunnels. The pope has sent a message of hope and prayer to you. The leaders of the great world nations have come together in your backyard in an attempt at conquering poverty and aids at the G8 summit. The people of the world have united in prayer and support for you today. Know that, if, somehow, right as this very moment, we could share this with you, there would be enough light to brighten those smokey tunnels and bring your hurt and wounded home.

Today is a special day. We are all Londoners. We all gasp in horror at these senseless acts of terror and we all stand behind you, firm in the believe that your city will overcome this, and once again serve as a beacon of sanity and hope-a pillar of civilization that lights the free world and a wonderful sleepy little pretty city that we know and love.

Know too that today we are all Londoners and that a strike against the civilized world, be it from an al Queda splinter cell, an Iraqi insurgient, or Osama Bin Laden himself, will be met with a swift and unified response.

This New Yorker, who frequents London, and today has emerged a “true” Londoner, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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