Austin No 1

AustinNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Fresh from the “like we really needed one of those” department comes this little factoid: They now make underarm deodorant for women which features “silver glitter on a peach background color.” Yes, it’s true. Next time you get all sweaty and decide to raise your arm, you too can now safely enjoy the look of freshly applied glitter. Gosh, I just don’t know how I raised a sweaty armpit last week, without this wonderous creation.

Oh wait, it’s still a balmy 102 degrees in the shade. I know, I stayed in air conditioning the entire week (yeah, that’s it.)

This is an almost normal looking photograph of Austin, although a bit blasted out from the high and mighty mid-day sun. No glitter on his fur, as far as I can tell although, strangely enough, he appears to like to sit outside under this merciless easy bake oven we’ve come to call “Texas.” Go figure (or, “go glitter” if you’re so inclined.)

Had lunch today with a friend from Cali. When asked the usual, “did you buy beachfront property in Arizona before you moved all the way west?” he responded, “yes. And what were your plans when Austin spontaneously combusts from all this heat?”

Current thoughts are Missoula, Montana but the juries still out on that one. So long as it’s a balmy (and high of) 72 in the noontime sun, I can’t be too particular.

Until next shake and bake…


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