Painted Balconies No 4

PaintedBalconiesNo4, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Happy Monday, y’all, here’s a balcony for you. This was taken in the rain on Memorial Day of this year, somewhere in the French Quarter (it’s one of the more “blurry” images thanks, in part, to the lensbaby.)

I had a great weekend, doing not much of much at all, although still a little too much for my liking.

On Saturday, I went museum and gallery hopping. I checked out the Austin Museum of Art’s Annie Leibotwitz show, Oswald Gallery, Stephen L. Clark Gallery, and the f8 Gallery in downtown Austin. Plus we also had lunch at ZTejas, which is a mixture of South by Southwest cooking, according to their moniker (which, I guess, is accurate, although I’m not really quite sure. I ate pancakes and they weren’t really “southwestern” pancakes, really.)

On Friday, Austin came. He’s the new doggie Mom and Dad have been waiting for. He’s cute as a button. He’s a tri-color 2 year old cocker spaniel who’s now “slumming it” since he was used to a huge house out in Lakeway (with a pool and cabana all to himself.) He doesn’t like to walk but, other than this obvious flaw, he’s perfect in every way.

Welcome Austin!

Until next time…


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