Fishing Under Highway

FishingUnderHighway, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

It’s Friday, I’d rather be…yeah, wouldn’t we all?

This was taken on Lake Pontchartrain, as you can imagine, sort of as the storm was blowing in. The men didn’t stop fishing, in case you were wondering. I believe the fist of God could come down from the Heaven’s above and the men would hardly notice, for they were too busy fishing.

It was taken during a brief break in the clouds, so it’s a little less overcast then the others from that day, but I do love the pattern in the clouds. (It really was strange light, you’ll just have to trust me on that one, because you really can’t tell from looking at this shot.)

We had walked up and past the “fishing men” (as I like to call them) and I saw this shot. I guess I was thinking that, somehow, I wanted to shoot the men fishing on the pier, but I didn’t want the “typical” shot, you know, the one taken in front, with the men smiling, lines all in the drink, and whatnot, so I grabbed this one instead, as we circled back behind them. I think it’s much more interesting then a “straight on” shot, of just men fishing, don’t you? Now, at least, you know what they were looking at as they fished.

Today we’re having a group BBQ, which is a wonderful idea. We’re all excited about it. We have a BBQ pit at work, and never seem to use it, until now. Something tells me that, after today, it’ll start to see a lot more use (but that’s just a hunch.)

Kind of like how I thought the weird “God light” would make for interesting pictures. I wasn’t certain but I had a fairly good hunch (and, it goes without saying, I’ve learned to trust my hunches, especially when they are obvious and “right in front of your face” big in the truth department.)

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