Old House No 1

OldHouseNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

When in New Orleans, in part of the French Quarter not too far from Canal Street, we happend upon this place. It looked like an old house that somebody was restoring or, at least, doing some work on.

Wow. What can I say? It wasn’t quite Halloween but boy did we sure find a place that was haunted. I am including this in with my voodoo series simply because, just like the voodoo, it gives me the willies just thinking about it.

Strange thing too, about this place, across the street was a fancy hotel. I don’t just mean fancy, I’m talking like, “The Fairmont” fancy-complete with a doorman and a valet. I wonder what the view out of your suite would look like if you were facing this place. I know I’d never sleep, 800 count sheet set or not.

Went to Manuel’s with Kathy and Steve today. The food was good, we sat outside under the big shady oak tree and chatted a bit. Kathy came back from sailing and told us about it. Steve told us about his cats and how work is going.

Lately, it seems everybody’s been traveling a lot. Either getting back, going to, coming from, or what have you. Feels like it’s just a good time to be a photographer. It’s been fun seeing all this work, coming in from places afar, and plotting my own personal “next” journey.

This weekend I made some serious progress on my compact flash from New Orleans. I got through a lot of it, burning it to CD, making contact sheets, copying files, and the like. I’m down to about 5 CD’s worth of material to go. I’ll keep a count and a running total here so that it’ll force me to work on it, and report my “progress” (or, worst case, lack thereof.)

What’s really driving me is that the 4th of July is coming up and I don’t want to spend the holiday burning compact flash and making contact sheets. I want (actually need) some sleep.

Now, I’m just sort of happy I don’t have to sleep in this place (or, for that matter, at “The Fairmont” across the street.)

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