Le Monde Creole No 1

LeMondeCreole1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This is one of the first “normal” shots, taken in the courtyard, at Le Monde Creole (hence the No 1.) We hit this courtyard a few times, including once in the rain, and got some lush, tropical vistas which, I’m sure, are buried somewhere in the approximately 14G of CompactFlash I shot in the city. (Throughout the visit, I kept saying, “damned CompactFlash eating town” over and over again. Try it sometime, you might find it refreshing.)

Speaking of things I say over and over again, I noticed the other day that I have not spoke of HIM in a long while. I guess I’ve been too busy leading a life of my own, and I guess that nobody cares amymore. (It’s not like we had a hot romance or anything, it’s just that he was an easy blogger fodder target and you know how much I just love that low hanging fruit.)

Well, I guess now that I’ve opened my big mouth, my HIM-less count has been reset yet again. Oh well. (It’s kind of like a google-whack-as soon as you blog about it, you destroy it.)

Since I’m on topic, I might as well tell you that I haven’t seen HIM in a while, we’re still friends, still (sometimes) keep in touch (when either of us are not too busy) and HE’s doing just ducky last I heard. He’s single again (but you probably knew that) and I believe I revealed that HE looks a bit like Keith Urban (only not quite as shaggy and sans tattoos.)

The mysteries of the creole world are sometimes revealed right underneath your nose, you just have to peek in the right direction. (So now you know.)

Until next time…


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