Billy’s Melting Elvis

MeltingElvisTies, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Billy, one of my friends from Tivoli, HATES Elvis. I don’t think that he really HATES Elvis, more than he HATES the way people idolize him and, gosh, even see him after he’s been dead for decades. (I’m actually the same way, as I just don’t “get” the obsession with all things Elvis.) All that and he just doesn’t get how some white guy can swoop down, steal all the good “black” music, and not turn around to give back to the community that fed his fortune (that’s just a shame, actually, and makes Elvis out to be the moocher that he was.)

I did come up with a semi-funny quote the other day about Elvis. I was talking to somebody who had just seen a really bad fake Elvis and I said, “the world is full of too many impersonators and not enough real Elvii” (I still think this holds true, what like 20 years after his death.)

They even have sky-diving Elvii in Vegas but then, hey, in Vegas (and even, to some extent, in New Orleans) what do you expect?

So, this was taken near the French Market in New Orleans. I tried to make the ties look a bit like they were melting, just for Billy’s sake. I hope he doesn’t mind the Elvii (well, too much anyway.) I hope it’s ok if they are melting or otherwise being destroyed in some way. I mean, Elvis did that to himself, so why can’t I do that to him as well, right?

It beats taking pictures of street performers playing with balloons, that’s for sure.

Besides, today’s Friday, time to let out your inner Elvii and sway those hips a bit before the weekend sets in.

Until next Elvii…


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