Painted Iron No 1

PaintedIronNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This one is from St. Louis cemetery No 1 (yes, they have more than one there-I’ll save you the google-there’s a number 2 and number 3 for the curious, although No 1 is the most famous as, I believe, Louis Armstrong is entombed there.)

After doing the graveyards for a little bit, I started to change up the way I do them. I now approach them like I’m photographing a small church, rather than a tombstone. I think of them as small-ish churches, which kind of helps me with the scale, size, and perspective.

We shot at 4 graveyards total. The first one, Lafayette, was probably the best, and we lucked out there with a tour guide who liked to yap a lot coupled with some really good light, which allowed us the opportunity to shoot a lot. I think that this is a really cool lensbaby shot despite the fact that it’s not from Lafayette.

Towards the end of the trip, I started to get more and more into the extra blurry images that the lensbaby can produce. On the first day, I was “almost sharp,” on the last day, I was “barely discernable.” If you pay attention, you just might be able to tell the difference, based solely upon the amount of blur. (In case you didn’t know, this one is one of the “extra blurry” ones-don’t worry, I’ll post some “sharp” ones at some point so you can compare the two.)

Son Volt’s “Tear Stained Eye” just came on the random shuffle mini-podling playlist. There’s a line in that song about “Saint Genevive can hold back the water/but saints don’t bother/with a tear stained eye.” It’s a beautiful song in it’s own right, even without the context of New Orleans, saints, sinners, voodoo charms, and the like.

I guess this is where the saints come marching from. At least, it looks that way to me.

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