Flea Market Masks No 3

FleaMarketMasksNo3, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This one was taken in the flea market in New Orleans, which is an excellent place to take pictures. It’s free, easy to get to, and has such interesting sights, smell, and sounds. There’s sensory overload behind every nook and cranny, plus it’s just fun to shoot there.

I got my first rejection letter this week. I’m actually happy about it. I was getting a complex, since I wasn’t even getting “no’s” in the mail-I was starting to feel like I was at the end of the earth, sending smoke signals that were simply vanishing over the horizon. Now, at least, I know better.

I have run out of paper. I need to start mail ordering this kind of stuff so that I don’t run low on supplies. It really holds me up.

Mom and Dad believe they have a good lead on a new doggie. He’s a two year old tri-color cocker spaniel and looks cute as a button in the pictures. They will find out tomorrow if they get him or not.

We’re sitting with fingers crossed. He looks really cute. I can hardly wait for tomorrow and the dawn of a new doggie.

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