Praying Angel

PrayingAngel, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This was taken at one of the cemetaries in New Orleans. You can spot the rising tomb behind the little angel’s head.

This is one of the few shots from New Orleans that I’m actually sort of happy with. It will make for a really good manipulation as well as I really good projection. Sometimes, you just get lucky that way. (It’s not often that you hit upon an image that covers you on all those bases.)

All that plus I think that the little angels just cute. She does look a tad bit miffed, but still kind of cute.

Kathy happened upon some rather nasty looking cherubs in the big cemetary when we were there. They had rather mean looking faces. Made this one look like he was smiling (are angels he’s or she’s? I can’t really tell, so I just mix ’em up a bit.)

Mom’s still got a good lead on a doggie, but I haven’t heard anything and I have NO PLANS for this weekend as well.

I’m so happy, if I were an angel, I’d be smiling behind my wings.

Until next halo…


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