LostSock, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

It’s from the washateria, baby!

Oh yeah! Washateria all the way.

It’s better than jousting. It’s better than a makeshift homage to the Pope. It’s your lost sock. I found it right here.

This one was taken inside the washateria in Liberty Hill, TX. What a strange picture. What a strange place. What a strange day.

In even stranger news, I happened across this gem on CNN today: “Emails hurt IQ more than pot”

In case you can’t follow the link, the good folks at CNN have decided it best to inform us that reading email lowers our collective IQ’s more than smoking pot. Yes, it’s true. Click that little “You have new mail” icon on your deskdrop and dumb yourself down by the equivalent of 10 IQ points which, as the CNN folks duly point out, is more than the equivalent of 2 joints.

I don’t even have to touch that one to make it funny. It’s already there.

Does instant messanger count as like Pink Floyd or what?

Until next time…


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