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Happy Monday! Here’s a poppy for you!

This weekend, we went to the Georgetown Red Poppy Festival. As you can see, I took some pictures. But, not before comitting what we insiders like to call “poppy-side.”

It started out innocently enough. I SO just wanted to get one damn shot of one damned red poppy so I could get it out of the way, behind me, and move onto other more “valid” work (like annoying the cats in the neighborhood, tresspassing, and such.)

We tried to find a map to the poppies. They didn’t have one (like last year) so we had to settle for what could best be described as “poor directions.” We took off and headed for what we thought were poppies and got a little lost.

Then we happend upon a nice house with some poppies. I tried to take a shot but this nice older man, walking with the help of a cane, came over to talk to me. He started giving me the history of the poppies and waving his cane over some of the better ones, knocking off many petals in the process.

Kathy and Chricel “saved” me by walking away. (They probably saved many a poppy in the process too.) Thanks!

Then the wind kicked in, the sun came up, the cats came out. It was one damned thing after another. I finally composed a shot and just couldn’t take it. Everytime I tried to “snap” my shutter something else came along. It was like destiny and the gods were aligning against me.

I got so frustrated that I ended up plucking a poppy. I was like, “that’s it! I’ve had it. I’m picking you.” I pulled one and stuck it into a shallow, wind shielded sun-free location but still did not get off a good shot because then, well, the guilt set in and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

It worked out in the end though, as I managed to get a few ok shots of the poppies over the course of the day.

Shooting flowers can be so frustrating. Next time, I’m going to try to do my best to avoid poppy-side and just enjoy the day.

Until next time…


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