That Model’s a Dog, that Dog’s a Model

That Model’s a Dog, that Dog’s a Model

A bunch of folks from work decided it would be fun to go out and take some pictures at lunchtime. We have a bit of a photography group going and, being a nice day and all, we thought it a good idea. So, we went out to Bull Creek, which is this nice environmentally protected area, with pretty trees, waterfalls, and now, I guess, some very weird locals thrown in for good measure.

Picture this: about ten folks meandering around, tripods in tow, taking close up shots of waterfalls, pretty trees and the like. Our silence only disturbed by one man dragging along three mangy looking mutts. The dogs come up to us, since they weren’t properly lassoed, sniffing along their merry way. Some of us were afraid that they were going to knock over our equipment or bite us but, luckily, they were intent on chasing Frisbee. The dogs play in the water, maximizing the dirty-scruffy look and, needless to say, run in between the photographers and the pretty waterfalls. That’s when things got strange.

The guy turns to one of the photographers in the group and says, “that dog’s a model. You can’t take his picture unless you sign a model release and pay me for it.”

Now, I’m no expert but, some grimy dog, running loose around some local swamp is not model material. Somehow, I doubt Cindy Crawford got her start this way, ok. Doesn’t this guy realize they call it a CAT walk?

If that weren’t enough, the guy starts getting really belligerent and says, “if that’s digital camera, you need to delete that photograph NOW!” Like he can instruct us on what pictures we can take in a public place. He’s clearly an expert, and an angry one at that.

I can’t believe he actually started to get angry over this. We started laughing. Actually, I was laughing so hard, I had a hard time containing myself. Except for the fact that I am getting a complex, thinking I’m some sort of supreme “magnet for all things weird” and all, I found the entire situation so very amusing.

At least it was good for a lunchtime chuckle. Even if he did have a couple of ugly ass dogs that kept getting in the way of things.

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