Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes

Today, after enjoying my morning cup of coffee, I went outside and went for a walk. Along my walk, I was stopped by some neighbors who greeted me with, “hey, I saw your name in the paper today.”

There, beneath the “Grand Indictments” and before the “Marriage Licenses Granted” came the “New Business Registrations.” There I was! My new business/studio name, along with my name and address. How funny. So, now I guess it’s safe to say that my fifteen minutes of fame has been reduced to 14 minutes and 59 seconds (or however long it takes you to read my name under the Cedar Park listings.)

No, sorry, I won’t be signing autographs until, at least, I design my fabulously spectacular business cards. No, sorry, you won’t be able to say, “I remember her when…” simply because I will deny any knowledge of your existence after I make my fame and fortune. No, sorry, I already have somebody lined up to do my laundry, walk my dogs, and I don’t have any kids to babysit. You can, if you must, feed me grapes or perhaps slowly wave a fan about my “presence” on the hottest of hot sunny July days in Austin, but only if you’re nice. And only on alternate Tuesdays, for I, she of less than fifteen minutes of fame, has better things to do. Like the laundry. Hey, I still remember the “old days” back before everybody knew my name but ignored me anyway.

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