Mr. Technology, Please meet Mr. Art

Mr. Technology, Please meet Mr. Art

Now shake hands and come out fighting. Here’s a cool link I found describing an art project (technology project) called Sky Ear. Sky Ear is an evening “art fest” where folks in England launch a cloud of cell phones and helium balloons into the evening air and then viewers get to “dial into” the art project, making it (ring and) change color. Some of the pictures are pretty cool on that site.

Of course, having said this, if I were to one day happen upon “1000 extra-large helium balloons that each contain 6 ultra-bright LEDs (which mix to make millions of colours)” I would probably have a conniption. Gosh, I hope they notify the neighbors (or neighbours as they are called in Britain) before launch time. I’d hate to come home drunk one day, only to have my sleep disturbed by 1000 ringing cell phones attached to helium balloons. This would make those damned Serta sheep look like girl scouts.

Imagine how many “can you hear me nows?” this works out to be. Would somebody be so kind as to answer the damn phone already? Geesh. And here I always thought it rude to answer your cell in a movie theater, restaurant, or a cloud. Guess I was wrong. So, now, they’ve made the cloud socially acceptable.

And speaking of cell phone technology, why don’t they have a mini-TV in mine yet? Come on, guys, give me some really ubercool stuff I can use. I mean, don’t get me wrong, playing tetris in an otherwise boring meeting is great but, I’m missing Law and Order here. Can I have a fix please?

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