The Artful Omelet

The Artful Omelet

I happened upon this link to an incredibly funny website, detailing the trials and tribulations of a would-be philosopher turned cook. It features such classic lines as, “During the judging, the beaver became agitated and bit Betty Crocker on the wrist” and:

In an attempt to reach the bourgeoisie, I taped two fried eggs over my eyes and walked the streets of Paris for an hour. I ran into Camus at the Select. He called me a “pathetic dork” and told me to “go home and wash my face.” Angered, I poured a bowl of bouillabaisse into his lap.

I never knew that bouillabaisse could be quite that funny but, then again, it is bouillabaisse after all. We all know it has an incredibly funny name for a stew.

As an aside, does anybody know exactly what is in bouillabaisse? Are we all collectively afraid to ask? Do we just eat it and pretend to know? Can that many fish in one stew be collectively all that bad? (I believe, although I’m not quite certain, bouillabaisse is some kind of fish stew.)

In other, more, ahem, “serious” news, the Vatican is asking for 2 million lira to fund the restoration of two of Michelangelo’s frescos. According to the folks at Art News Blog, “The Vatican is hoping to raise £2m to fund the restoration of Michelangelo’s last two frescos, which are hidden from the public in a chapel where the Pope prays and reads mass to private audiences.

The frescos – the Crucifixion of St Peter and the Conversion of St Paul – are faded after being exposed to dust and soot over centuries of candlelit prayer in the Pauline chapel, close to the better-known Sistine chapel.”

If Michelangelo had only made bouillabaisse instead of frescos, we wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of restoration. But then, there’s that pesky beaver he’d have to contend with. Not to mention the likes of Betty Crocker. And, I honestly do wonder if there exist any Michelangelo frescos that depict images of fish.

The mind boggles as the fingers google.

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