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It’s the Paperclip from Hell

All of this talk of typewriters, typeface fonts, Bush memos and the like got me to thinking about the annoying little paperclip icon from Microsoft. How long will it be before he gets dragged into this entire mess? How long before it will be before I have to look at the likes of him again?

For those of you who don’t know me, learn this much about me today. I hate the “annoying little paperclip icon” thingie from Microsoft. I hate it with a passion. I find it to be the singly most annoying icon of the 20th century and the mere sight of it makes my blood pressure rise by about 20 points. It’s safe to say it here: I hate that damned paperclip. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I more than hate it. I want to kill it. I want to squeeze the life out of it everytime it pops up on my desk, I want to squeeze it until it’s stupid little beatie eyes pop out of it’s annoying little headless-top.

So, today I came across this website, which had this picture of the paperclip saying, “It appears that you are writing a hoax. Would you like to: email CBS news?” While this is rather amusing, it still doesn’t beat the funniest paper clip encounter I’ve had.

The funniest paperclip encounter I’ve come across has to be thisLink one. Yes, it’s true, the paperclip for vi, vigor, still gets the prize.

Speaking of “prizes,” am told today that Ivan is still in the Gulf. I always feel a bit guilty during hurricane season. If they come up the Gulf, as they sometimes do, the end up pounding places like Cuba, Jamaica, the Cayman’s, the Keys, etc. but the good folks in Central Texas end up getting rain. We like rain. We need rain. But, I feel guilty asking for rain when it costs the lives of so many others. I hope most folks can get out of Ivan’s path before he does too much more damage. And I hope we get rain without having to pay the ultimate cost.

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