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I’m AdSensing Ted will Celebrate Indian Summer

I was born of Indian Summer. It’s that time of year when summer warms us with it’s last gasp of heat, about the time of the first frost-that brief, fleeting period of glowing autumn serving to remind us winter is fast approaching.

I can remember well Indian Summers of the past. I spent one in Vermont once. I remember the red barns, white silos poking up to the blue sky heavens above, and the gently sloping, rolling hills punctuated with the bolts of color autumn in New England brings. There’s something almost romantic about Indian Summer although, in actuality, it’s quite boring, as it’s celebrated more as the time of year the farmers tend to the late season crop.

One Indian Summer in particular, I remember wearing a heavy flannel shirt. We always dressed in layers up in New England, that’s just how it was back then. I remember having to peel off top layers of clothing, sweating in the almost summer-like sunshine, wondering when the frost would hit the pumpkins. That’s one thing we all knew all too well. If Indian Summer were here, winter wasn’t far behind.

We don’t get Indian Summers in Texas. At least, I’ve never experienced one. Winters here are mild and pleasant, with the notable exception of a few passing ice storms. There’s something I almost miss about New England and the North Country. Indian Summers were always fun. I guess, because we have a mild winter here, there’s no need to celebrate the last hot day until Spring.

On an entirely more mundane note, I wonder if anybody has told Ted that it’s now possible to make money by blogging? Yes, it’s true, folks. Seems the great people at the great googly moogly have added AdSense to blogger, so it’s entirely possible to not only create and maintain a blog for free but, now they may actually pay you for doing it. I’ve yet to add it to Carol’s Little World, but this is due more to personal laziness, rather than lack of desire.

I wonder how long it would take Ted to start blogging if he thought there was money in it for him? Probably not even as long as the typical 2-day Indian Summer in Vermont. I wouldn’t bet on him letting any frost get on the pumpkin, that’s for sure.

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