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“It’s a Big Mess Going in a Loop”

I got a funny email today. Actually, it was semi work-related. One of the fellows I work with in Newark, CA (yes, there really is a Newark in Cali, New Jersey doesn’t have a lock on the name, despite what you may have heard) sent out an email, something like this:

Bug number yada yada is a duplicate of yada yada which is a duplicate of yada yada which somehow got closed.

It’s a big mess going in a loop.

Somehow, I found this quote entirely funny. I just have this vision of people, who keep opening up bugs they think are new, only to later find them closed as duplicates of defects that don’t exist.

Speaking of big messes and loops, did you know that they have an entire school devoted to the fine art of wallpapering? I’m painting a room in my house this weekend (hopefully) and I’m reminded of this as I go into the paint stores, shoping for just the right shade of beige (because I’m dull.) As I’m sitting there, wondering, trying to decide between the “light burnt umber” and the “covered wagons” of the world, I see the poor, helpless, lost souls wondering through the books in search of suitable wallcoverings. You know those books, those are the ones with the sample wallpaper and color swatches in them.

Ah, yes, my friend, fear the books. Fear the books for they force you to make decisions. Fear the books for any mistake you make will cost you dearly. Fear the books for they are filled with nothing but loops of big meses in the making. Fear the books! Put them down and run, run for your lives. Never give into the books for, after the books, comes the “we need new furniture to match the new wallpaper.”

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