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Tobias, Greek God of Big Ears

On Friday, I was reading the newspaper and happened upon an add for a “free to good home” cocker spaniel. Toby, is two years old, is black and white, and a little big bigger than Charlie. Interesting thing about Toby, he has big ears. Not just “big” as in typical cocker big, no these are honkingly large two pounds apiece wads of leathered skin dangling from the sides of his head. It’s quite strange how he can lie down and make his ears pop up. They are so large, they pop up when he sleeps, as if they defy gravity. Poor thing, now has a new home and has to sleep with the likes of Charlie and me.

I painted my house this weekend too. It was actually pretty easy, made especially so by the fact that nobody offered to help. You see, I’m a slow but meticulous painter, being an artist and all.

The first time I painted a room in my house, my folks tried to help me out. My mother came over and immediately started getting blue paint on everything that was supposed to remain white and missing all the spots she was supposed to cover with the blue paint. At one point, she turned to me and said, “where’s your rag?” I responded, “what rag?” She was like, “you have to have a RAG when you paint?” I was like “why?” She replied, “well, what do you do when you make a mistake?” I told her what I’m telling you. I don’t make mistakes when I paint. I don’t need a rag. I barely edge the room out. Sometimes, if I’m really “sloppy” by my standards, I use an artists brush, to make a more even edge. That and sometimes I stick my thumb into the corner of the paint lid. That’s the closest I get to “mistakes” when it comes to painting.

This weekend, I painted an entire room. It changed from white to brown. I got one brown spot of paint on or near my elbow, and I got half my thumb brown. No rags, no help, it was wonderful. I’d do it again in a minute, even with Toby barking in the yard.

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