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My Inner Nurdette

Today, in lieu of going for lunch, we went to Fry’s, our local electronics mega-super store. For most people, a trip to a place like Fry’s is nothing special. They go into the store, browse for a few minutes, maybe pickout a TV set or a comic book, and then payup and march on home. For me, working in high-tech, Fry’s is like the center of the cosmic universe and the greatest black hole in the galaxy. It’s kind of like a geek motel where “nerds walk in and they don’t come out.”

It started off easy enough. I had to get some cable and a surge protector for my new home office. Sure, you can try to tell yourself that, “I only need…” Never works, not on this crowd. Manzoor, who was kind enough to drive, wanted coffee, so we started out over there. We ended up perusing almost all of the electronic, TV, and computer equipment, including spending way too long looking at some sort of laser light-show-in-a-box type of lamp.

Still, as they say of fishing, “a bad day at Fry’s is better than a good day at work.” I actually have grown to like visiting there. It allows me to get in touch with my inner nurdette. I always seem to tell people about my visits afterwards too. And usually the conversations start off something like, “they had this really cool…”

Today’s ubercool items were some sort of desk for an imac, which looked very iRobot and a wireless entirely flat keyboard, mouse, keypad combination, retailing for $279 or so.

So, that’s all that’s new and cool in Carol’s Little World. At least for the next five minutes or so.

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