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Lack of Imagination/Off with her Head!

Like everybody else in the civilized world, I’ve heard some news reports concerning the 9/11 commission. The most striking statement, to me, being the big “lack of imagination” assertion. I find this almost amusing, just in the choice of words.

What exactly is a “lack of imagination?” Does this just mean something simple, akin to, “dang! I shoulda had a V8” or is it something deeper? An interesting sentiment, I suppose you would never accuse an artist of having a “lack of imagination” although, in theory, you could (I’ve actually seen some photography work that suffers from what I’d call a “lack of imagination” although I wouldn’t dare put it so bluntly.) It just struck me as rather odd, an unusual phrasing, that I wasn’t quite expecting. The English language is so vast, open, and expansive, having multiple synonyms for various words close in semantics, yet will still sometimes find the specific turn of a phrase unexpected. Sort of like you wouldn’t expect to hear somebody walk up to Eric Clapton and say something along the lines of, “well, you’re an ok guitar player but, if you really want to get chicks, I’d suggest you take up the bagpipes.” While grammatically correct, it bears an odd tone on first listen.

I’m also going on record, and using this blogger as my witness.

If I ever, and I do mean EVER, get captured by some indignant foreign insurgients who threaten to be-head me, unless US troops pull out of their mamby-pamby rat holes, DO NOT, under any circumstances, pull out any troops in my name. In fact, SEND MORE IN.

Yes, you read it right. I want you to send in MARINES instead of Army Rangers (said without offense to my good friends in the US Army) Send in BAD ASS MARINES with REALLY BAD ATTITUDES who are just PISSED OFF. Tell them they won’t get to watch football or do whatever they like until they EACH KILL 900 insurgients. And let them loose in that vast Arab wasteland with BIG GUNS and a LOT OF AMMO.

And you can say you did it all just for me.

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