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I’m So Full, take That! Harumph!

As if feeling boxed in weren’t enough, we went for lunch today to a Pho Vietnamese place up in Round Rock. It was rather odd being in Round Rock in the middle of the week, especially at lunchtime. I usually go there on Saturday’s if I need something or if I just want to shop.

My new favorite restaurant is up there. It’s called Baja Fresh and, while ultimately high on the “cheesy” factor, I really love the place because it’s clean and fresh and I just love the seasonings that they use. Yum.

But, today we went for Pho and it was pretty good. I could only eat about half of it and now I’m sleepy. Eating a big lunch always does that to me. I really want my nap time. I think it’s been made worse by the fact that I’m doing so much manual labor at home on the weekends that lately I’ve been seriously cutting into my nap time. No naps for me until I’m unpacked. Sure it’s easy to say but I’m getting grumpy. I feel almost like the holiday grinch, “You’re a mean one, Miss Carol. A grumpy old mean one, Miss Carol. Living in your own Little World, Miss Carol…” Yup, that’s me. Little Cindy Loo Who who is only two would be very afraid of me. But, in my own defense, it’s not easy being green.

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