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I’m Feeling so Boxed in

It’s official. I moved my computer desk, computer, and all into the front room of my house. Now I have a front-room office setup I refer to as the “front room,” a studio where I work on my art, which I refer to as my “photography room,” a “bedroom” (purpose should be obvious) and “a junk room” or “a box room” or basically a place where I put all the leftovers.

The good news is I’m down now to one “junk” room. The bad news is that it’s filled with boxes and will probably take me months to go through it given my current pace. Even so, as I’ve said before, slow progress is better than fast regression.

My neighbor, Leona, passed away recently and today I attended her memorial service. It was rather sad. She was a funny lady, always out walking the dog, tending to the garden (she had lovely flowers) and such. She was always very cheerful, told clever jokes, and it used to make me feel happy just seeing her. She passed away rather suddenly, so I still kind of feel like one day I’ll happen upon her sitting over there, pulling weeds or something. She had a cute little dog, Paulie, who was quite afraid of Charlie. Best guess is he’s going to miss her the most, because he doesn’t understand what has happened and, to him, she’s just gone. Paulie, little buddy, I’ll try and keep Charlie away or at least on a short leash for a while, just to make things better, ok?

So, I’m walking into work today, all dressed in black. Funny thing, as I tend to wear black a lot, folks don’t really think about it. One of my co-workers says to me, “what’s up with the all black? Who died and let out your wardrobe?” (rather jokingly)

I responded, “as a matter of fact…” Kind of caught him off guard but it was pretty funny. Leona would have laughed.

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