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Weekend in New York (well almost)

This weekend, actually, late Saturday, I got a call from an old friend from NYC. He’s living in Dallas and he came down for the weekend. It was kind of fun seeing folks from the old neighborhood around Cedar Park, and it was really funny talking about old times. I still remember some of the old streets, although I’m convinced I would get completely lost in the Bronx if I were there now.

For some reason, whenever I think of NYC, I always think of it in the summertime. I just get this mental picture of the heat waves we had when I was a kid, with people sleeping on the fire escapes and breaking into the fire hydrants to get some relief. It seems too far away now but, back then anyway, it was life as I knew it. New York gets pretty sweltering in the summertime sometimes, and there’s little a/c in sight. Texas gets hot, that’s true, but there’s something about a New York heatwave. I think on account of the ocean, NYC gets very muggy and it just feels hotter there. Maybe, because of the humidity, I get the feeling that my clothing is stuck to me, and that just makes me feel hotter. I don’t know why but, somehow, NY just gets unbearable in the heat. Maybe in Texas we expect it to be hot; we have this mental image of someplace with a lot of sun, a desert landscape peppered with cactus and cowboys so the heat is more expected. In NY heat, sun, or humidity is a bit unexpected, at least to the outsider. I suppose this makes it just all that much more mentally untolerable. That and everybody always just wants to get out of the city.

Overall, I had a great weekend. It was hot, I worked a bit, I didn’t spend all that much money, and I saw some old friends. I wish all my weekends could be that good.

One interesting development that came out of this is that my old friends want to help me market some photography. One of my friends has asked to act as my agent, which I think is a really good idea. I could use rep, actually, I had been looking for a while, but then I stopped because it was too hard to find somebody and I just don’t trust anybody. An old friend would really fit the bill (in more ways then one.) All this really means to you though is that I am one step closer to forcing myself to start using the new photoblog. It’s one my list of things to do without delay.

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