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It’s been a while since I’ve posted about “the coolness factor.” You know what the “coolness factor” is, it’s that little something that makes us want to stand up and take notice, makes us want to pay attention, makes us want something, gives it that little extra edge of IT if you will. Well, here’s my coolness factor ratings:

Blogging over 200 posts? Cool. Definately cool.

Blogger eating my posts: UnCool.

Eating Tex-Mex at Jardin Corona’s (JC’s): Cool. So cool, it’s HOT. It’s my favorite place as of late.

Patting Charlie on the head after he’s stolen all the covers: Cool. Everything about Charlie is Cool. Even when the pooch poaches my covers.

Shooting pool at work: Cool. I’m becoming a fan of billiards again.

Running out of coffee at work when I’ve had three hours sleep in the past two days: Not cool.

Hockey playoffs: Way Cool. So cool, they are played on ice.

Baseball Season: Not Cool. Sorry but, I don’t do sports with balls.

Cabana Boys who give good backrubs: Um, did you even have to ask? (In case you did, the breeze in the palm trees keeps us both COOL.)

Not Having Time to Go Shooting: Not Cool.

Having to makeup pictures because people want to buy them: Cool.

Hot days of Summer? Not Cool. It’s like fricking 100 degrees in the shade. Not cool ’round these parts as of late.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had an X-Tivoli happy hour and I’ve been summoned to round up the troops. I think ex-Tivoli happy hours are cool, actually. I get to enjoy a cocktail with some old friends and catch up on recent events, goings on about town, and other unimportant gossip.

I heard a song about Romeo and Juliette today. That old Dire Straights song, it’s actually pretty good. Question for the day is, what do you think about Romeo and Juliette? Were they foolish kids? Hopeless romantics? Entangled lovers? Mindless fools-for-love? Or just cought up in happenstance? I think maybe they were just characters who were too cool for their time but, then, that’s me.

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