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It’s Flat, Flatter than a Squashed Atkins Pancake

On the radio today, I’m listening to the song Levelland. It’s about that oh-so-flat city in the Texas panhandle. Very descriptive, actually, I almost get the feeling I’m out there. The song is quite negative, despite the fact that it paints a detailed picture of things further west (and slightly north). Along the lines of “Lubbock or leave it” folks there love to hate the place.

There’s a few lines in that song that make me crack up every time I hear them. “Makes you wonder why they stopped here/wagon must have lost a wheel or they lacked ambition once…” Also the crack about “Momma hasn’t seen the stars/since we got the sattelite dish…” It’s amusing but then, I suppose, I’m easily amused.

I was actually out that way before (in real life.) One time, I caught a connecting flight and landed just about sunset time. They always have the most beautiful sunsets on account of all the dust and dirt. Because they grow mostly cotten, they lack significant “tall” trees, and it’s so flat and open, the dust blows around quite a bit, but it makes for some of the best sunsets you’ve seen, on account of the fact that the light gets diffused in all the dirt. Now there’s a case of turning something bad on it’s ear and making lemonaide from lemons if I’ve ever heard one.

Still, everytime I hear that song I get this mental picture of some lady standing next to a broken down wagon, cussing the west Texas sunset. Just kind of makes me laugh but then, as you know, I probably never should get mental pictures, as mine are a little more than disturbing.

Onto an entirely less flat topic, I’ve been told recently that, I really shouldn’t hate my job, since I’m “supposed to be a photographer anyway.” I guess it’s true if you think about it. Although I feel as if I’m trapped in a crappy job, any job could qualify as crappy if it’s not photography and photography is out of the picture (excuse the pun) right now. Kind of interesting, although it’s far too serious a topic for a Friday afternoon.

Today I’m drinking a Pepsi with my bagel rather than a Coke. Not earth-shattering news but it’s something different, a small change in the form of a hidden protest. Actually, it was just a case of enjoying what’s on hand. The soda is…well…at least it’s not flat, I’ll give it that much. And, dang, I wish I had a sattelite dish. I’d watch court TV and yell “guilty!” at all the commercials.

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