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It’s Bass-ACKwards

Ok, ok, I probably should have given more thought to posting my angry backwards blog about Elvis and all things male yesterday but, hey 200 was approaching and I just couldn’t think of anything better.

Yesterday, Steve IMed me to tell me that he had an interview around the way, near where I work. He said he waved at me as he went by. I told him, “drats! If I had know, I would have waved back” to which he responded, “too late. I already stuck my tongue out at you because you didn’t wave.” It’s been that kind of week.

We did manage to squeeze in an interesting conversation about men and the state of being. Yesterday’s blog was indicative of the fact that, lately anyway, I’ve been very frustrated with the male half of the species. I think I shall open my mayonnaise jars and unclog my own toilets for the rest of my natural born lifetime. At least, that’s how it’s starting to look anyway. I’m so fed up, I could scream but then, drats! I don’t have enough energy to even let out a good bellow. It’s like the story of my life, only longer and more painful. Steve tells me that, sometimes anyway, the men in my life are “goofy as a cross-eyed cat in oncoming traffic” and that’s pretty apropos. I’m so spent, I don’t even have $20 on my bedside table.

Today’s question of the day: What’s the same, only different? Interesting and open-ended one for you.

I still need to email Billy about having the ex-Tivoli happy hour. I’m actually looking forward to it but have yet to schedule it. I really need to get off my butt and get in gear because, well, I have to do it while I’m actually happy or it doesn’t count.

Ken thinks I should watch “Surviving Nugent” and go on some low-carb diet consisting of only foodstuff obtained from vending machines. Yeah right. As soon as you run away, join the circus, and take Kanchan to be your bride.

Until next time…

PS Yesterday marked, in case you did not know, my 200th web log entry. Dang! What fun I’ve been having while you were away.


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