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In Other News

Somebody has written to request that I speak more often about their favorite topic: SEX. So SEX, this is my SEX blog about SEX. It seems you can’t get enough SEX of me to be able to write SEX to me and just SEX chat, no, you have to SEX write to me and request that I SEX talk about SEX. I suppose it’s only SEX fair, since there’s not much better to SEX talk about. I mean, SEX what I am supposed to SEX talk about? The weather? It’s SEXy sunny and mild today with highs in the SEXy 80’s. That’s so SEX boring that, well, you get the SEX idea. SEX is just a matter of opinion, I suppose as it’s all really SEX about SEX.

Are you happy now? Was that enough about SEX for you? Or do you want more? I’m tired. Pass me a cigarette and let me take a nap, will you?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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