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A Composite Sketch

I was reading a technical paper about composites and it got me to thinking. Before, I’ve speculated that you can define things in terms of context. You can assert that something is “more like” this or “less like” something else without defining the exact essence of the something itself. I wonder too why we cannot divide things into composites. We could say, for example, that creativity is a composite of both science and art.

I think I would make a good composite. I struggle with many different factions of self at times, but I tend to view myself, rather than as a whole singular entity, as a sort of composite. I have parts of self that, while maybe not making an entire “whole,” do contribute to a varied front.

For example, while I’m part scientist, having studied engineering in college, I don’t consider myself as only scientist. There’s a part of much, very active actually, which is entirely more artist than scientist. While one could view this as disparate, incongruous separate “chunks of me,” I could also see these as being composite pieces of a greater sum.

Interesting thoughts for the afternoon today, don’t you think?

Onto topics more mundane, my folks are getting their new couch today. Should have already arrived at the house. Can’t wait to take a peek and I’m curious as to how Charlie will respond, seeing as all things “couch” make up composites of his favorite furniture. I swear that dog would never make it on the floor.

Another interesting metablogging topic is that I’m quickly approaching my 200th web log posting. Not sure how to mark this special occassion, but I’ve got approximately 3 entires more to go before I find out. I would say, “I’ll keep you posted” but that would only increase my count. I wonder if, in future days, we’ll use phrases like, “I’ll keep you weblogged?” Somehow just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Until next time….

PS In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed my closing line. The new one’s a bit shorter to type, nobody else posts here, and I figured that, by now anyway, you should have figured out that I’m the “Carol” in “Carol’s Little World.”

I would also like to welcome several new readers who just happened upon my site. Enjoy the chaos, my new friends, and please toast to the great Gods of Google for me as well.


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