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Legless and Discrete

I’ve heard the latest economy recovery described as “legless and discrete” and I’m starting to think this is pretty applicable. It’s almost like a soul-less recovery and it smacks of a short recollection. Folks just don’t remember all the hard times were caused by the euphoric exuberance and unbridled manic investment strategies. Today somebody came by and asked, “why is our stock up?” It’s almost like asking, “why does the moon revolve?” Hard to explain something the behaves so erraticly as our stock price. Almost makes me want to hunker down and buy me some MSFT for good measure.

The radio has been blaring in my office almost all day today. Lots of different tunes on the box. Just heard a great rendition of “What it is” and now I’m jamming to the Allman Bros. Band. An old blues classic from long ago that was almost once forgotten, but survived to tell the tale of another day. Ah, the joys of soul-full music.

On the more mundane notes, my Mom gets her new couch tomorrow and I’ve created a blogger site devoted to my Java studies. It’s rather dull, but I hope it proves to be useful, unlike this weblog which is quite the opposite. At least, I can’t seem to think of an offhanded valid use for a weblog such as this one, and the misadventures of Ted, Ken, Kanchan, and company make for interesting fodder at times. Ok, maybe not all the time but we all have to stretch out a little now and then, don’t we? I mean, we wouldn’t want to end up all “legless and discrete” or anything, right?

Charlie was rather perky and all lovey-dovey this morning. Makes me think he’s taken a dump under my couch or, at least, drank from the toilet. I always get worried when he comes around looking for a petting. Mom says he’s taken to sleeping on his little cushion (temporary replacement for the missing couch) quite well, and doesn’t care for being distrubed while he’s resting.

Snooze on, little buddy.

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