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Nothing Spectacular Around These Parts

There’s been nothing spectacular happening around these parts. At least, nothing I have been finding worthy enough of a weblog entry.

Ken has written to inform me that Ted did not imbark upon his journey down the Texas coast in an attempt at capitalizing on the lucrative vending machine market in Corpus. At least, that was the last info that I had heard. Who knows where Ted is? I mean, for all we know, he might have run off with some strippers and he’s now passing his time on this planet by dancing on their ceilings for a change.

Speaking of ceiling dancing, I do not believe I have ever explained fully the concept of Ted, the strippers, and the ceiling dance. At least not to the satisfaction of the small but vocal web community who actually spends time reading my weblog. Ted it seems has rented an apartment in South Austin since his dubious return from Nashville (or parts unknown in Tennessee.) He lives in a three story apartment building somewhere on the first or second floor. Ahem, to say, “Ted has people above him” would be quite an understatement but, in this regard anyway, it’s quite literally true. Renting the suite above is a bevy of strippers (or, ahem, “exotic dancers” if you wish to be polite) who routinely arrive and depart at odd hours of the evening, wearing high-heeled shoes (hence the “dancing on his ceiling” reference.) So now you know. Poor Ted’s always complaining that he has strippers dancing on his ceiling and he isn’t getting any from upstairs. Some folks just can’t get lucky, even if luck itself were to fall into their laps. Heh. I’m sure one of the babes in named “Bubbles” and probably one of them is named “Lucky” or something. So, maybe if Ted drills a big enough hole in the ceiling, luck will fall into his lap, literally.

This just in from the Java Pod department. I’m told by a co-worker that they have new flavors of Java Pods for our coffee maker at work. Oh now, this should be good. I can hardly wait to get to Target and try out some of the new stuff. Although, I’m sure nothing will beat the current favorite: French Kisses, unless we find out that one of Ted’s, ahem, “neighbors” shares the same name and then we’ll all have to switch to decaf.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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